The peril of hanging out in a rain barrel

Since the weather has been relatively warmer for the past month or so, we decided to haul out our rain barrels from the garage. Last year was our first year with our beloved rain barrels and we weren’t sure how best to store them over the cold winter (-10 to -40 degrees Celsius); in the end, we decided to store them in the unheated garage.

It had rained a bit here or there over the past week or so, and we continue to be amazed by how quickly the barrels fill up! It’s amazing how much water we could be saving up by capturing rain water…and just a small fraction of the rain water by the looks of how quickly our barrels are filled.

And now to the peril of hanging out in a rain barrel. I’m guessing that sometime between when we stored the barrels (last November or December) until now, two little tiny mice had found a protected shelter that they thought they would be safe in. Fast forward to now when they find themselves drowned in a full rain barrel. Hopefully they had died before the barrels came outside and were filled with water (because otherwise it means they would have effectively drowned without being able to find a way out in time).

Note to self: next year, rinse out the barrels before putting them back under the downspouts!


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