ADK = Adirondacks. Gotcha.

One thing I find challenging when doing a road trip is deciding where to eat and what shops to visit. I find it awkward walking into a shop or restaurant, only to find that we’re the only ones there. Something about feeling obliged to buy something even if I don’t really want to or being followed around while I stroll around the shop…or the fear of either of those happening.

The Inn that we stayed at had the most brilliant idea to leave a binder in the living room where guests could make notes on restaurants in the area where they had eaten. For folks who are new to the region, it’s a very helpful tool…a kind of old-school Urbanspoon or yelp. We took a browse through the binder before we headed out for the day, knowing that we’d have to have dinner somewhere later on.

The ADK cafe in Keene, New York

Driving through Keene in the Adirondack Mountains, we stopped by at the ADK Cafe. We’d noticed this place on the drive through Keene a day prior and it had a lot of cars parked out front. Then, we noticed the great reviews that previous Inn guests had provided and decided that it would be a good stop for a meal. Boy, was I ever happy to have eaten here!

The ambiance and the service is excellent. Very laid back, friendly, comforting atmosphere and people. The menu was varied enough but not overwhelming (I don’t like going to a new restaurant only to be faced with a 10 page menu). There were vegetarian and vegan options (not that I’m either) and it felt like a place where the food was made with an extra ingredient, love, and the focus was on good food, maybe even local food! The prices were also very reasonable. For dinner, we had the spinach and artichoke dip, a cup of delicious sweet potato chili, and the Earth platter. For dessert, we had the lemon shaker pie, which was much sweeter than I expected but delicious and different from other lemon pies that I’ve had.

The Earth Platter, perfect for grazers (like me) who like a little bit of everything instead of one solitary thing to eat. Pilaf, beets, white bean dip, tabour, veggies...mmm.

We liked this place so much that we stopped by on our way home to pick up some baked goods for the road – densest muffins ever! Apparently they will soon be equipped to ship some of their foods (maybe just their baked goods) as well.


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