Got romanticized views of farming?

This spring, the Reel Food Film Festival in Ottawa screened a fabulously interesting film called “To Make a Farm”. From watching my parents tend to their veggie garden in the backyard as a child and from seeing some of my extended family tend to their subsistence farms, I’ve never considered farming to be an easy way of life. It seems satisfying to see your efforts become something greater than yourself (thanks Mother Nature) but weather, insects or other plant ailments can be unkind, and if your living depends on it, it can be a tough go year-to-year.

However, with the increasing awareness around the food that we eat and with a growing population of middle-class folks who prize quality of food above sheer convenience and price, small family-owned/run farms are becoming a little bit more viable – yay!! Farmers’ markets and CSAs are increasing in number and are popping up in a variety of neighbourhoods, making it easier for folks to pick up something fresh, local, and grown with love (moreso than pesticides). Backyard farming and community gardens are also helping citizens reclaim land for growing edibles and reconnect with beautiful things that Mother Nature can offer to us.

BUT farming is still not easy. There’s a lot to learn, no matter the scale that you are working at, and “To Make a Farm” gives city folk a great glimpse into some of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of farming.

Check the listings to see if there is a screening in your area or scroll down to the bottom to see a few clips from the film.


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