Cute little Saranac Lake

One fine sunny day, we drove through Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Not surprisingly, the beautiful lake had a little village surrounding it called Saranac Lake. It has a Main Street with many cute shops and there is a River Walk behind the shops with benches that you can sit on to rest and relax. My friend had recommended the Blue Moon Cafe, situated right on Main Street, a few shops north of where Main and River Streets meet. It looks like a small shop from the outside but like many older buildings, it’s quite spacious once you step through the doors. The service is very friendly, the ambiance welcoming, and the lunch prices were fair.

We had the Tuna Bulukumba (tuna on a stick with lettuce and rice), a BLT on their homemade English muffin with a side of kettle chips, and a cup of their clam chowder. I actually had the Blue Plate, where I got the BLT, the clam chowder, and a glass of pop for $8. Not bad!

BLT on a homemade English muffin with kettle chips
Tuna Bulukumba, which is tuna skewered and served over a bed of rice and a lettuce leaf. Flavoured with an indonesian-inspired sauce.

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