An inspirational weekend

Okay, so the inspirational weekend hasn’t happened yet but it will.  Next July to be precise.  That is when I’ll be headed to Portland, Oregon for the second annual World Domination Summit.

It was rather unfortunate that I didn’t get to go to the first ever WDS but I hadn’t heard about it until 5 months before the event…and it was already sold out!  This year, I was rather lucky to get a ticket because the first wave of 400 tickets sold out in 13 minutes!  Now I’ve secured my spot and am super stoked to be heading to a wonderful city next summer.

I’ve been to Portland once before but it would probably be more accurate if I said that I practically only passed through Portland.  I stayed for one night at a motel because we had to stop somewhere on a long drive.  I have heard great things about this city, in terms of food, bicycle infrastructure, and natural beauty, and I am so excited to be able to experience all of that as well.

Anyways, this is just a teaser because I’m so excited to be going (on a trip that’s almost a year away!).


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