Sushi in Montreal

The major metropolitan areas of Canada typically have the best sushi.  As a former Vancouverite, I would argue that that city has good sushi, whether you’re looking for gourmet aesthetically-pleasing sushi or cheap cheap sushi with large cuts of fish lying atop the rice.

However, Montreal has some good sushi as well.  Tri-Express Restaurant (1650 Laurier Est) is in a trendy area near St-Joseph Blvd.  There are tons of neat little shops in this neighbourhood and it makes for a fabulous apres-dinner stroll.  Showing up on a Friday evening with no reservation is risky, as we found out.  The restaurant is fairly small but is helped out by two picnic tables outside on the sidewalk.  Luckily we got a seat due to a cancelled reservation but note to self, make a reservation next time!

Up front, this is not the cheapest sushi but they offer interesting flavour pairings and the food is delicious.  If you have one dish at this restaurant, I absolutely recommend the filet mignon à la Tri ($19, pretty much beef tataki, but done very nicely).  It’s not sushi but it was amazing.  Unfortunately, it was so amazing that I didn’t take a photo of it before eating it all up!

To make up for not having a photo of the filet mignon, here are some photos of the sushi:


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