Downtown Historic Charlottetown

Welcome to Charlottetown!

Downtown Charlottetown is one of the quaintest places I’ve been to.  The look, the feel, and the tastes of this city make it a real charmer and a refreshing reprieve from bigger city hustle and bustle.  It’s also an area very popular with tourists particular in the summertime, so as a tourist, you never really feel out of place.

Delicious sandwich combo at Leonhard's

On a beautiful, sunny summer day, walking around downtown Charlottetown, you’re bound to need a bite to eat.  I stopped by Leonhard’s Cafe and Restaurant (42 University Avenue) for a $7 half turkey sandwich and carrot & potato soup combo.  It was delicious!  Sitting inside, having lunch, I felt like I was in someone’s kitchen; it made me feel very comfortable and cozy.

Breakfast at Casa Mia Cafe

I also spent some time reading a book and relaxing over a croissant and chai latte at Casa Mia Cafe (131 Queen Street).  The croissant was okay – not the best but not the worst – and the latte was served a bit on the cold side for me; overall the atmosphere inside is clean and modern, with ample seating.  The service is good and they have decent-looking breakfast and lunch options.

PEI Preserve Company Tea House at Peake's Wharf

Down at Peake’s Wharf, which is a cluster of touristy shops by the water, the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company has a tea house, which serves some drinks (hot and cold) and some baked goods.  I tried their cheddar scone and a glass of their lemonade, and quite enjoyed both.

Of course, on a hot day, what better snack to have than some ice cream.  There are two Cows shops in downtown Charlottetown, where you can try a wide variety of ice creams or pick up some Cows merchandise, mostly consisting of t-shirts with Cow-related puns on them.  If you want to tour the ice cream factory, then you’ll need to make your way about 7km out of downtown to the Cows Creamery (397 Capital Drive).


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