Prince Edward Island

When people are asked to name iconic features of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI), I’m most certain that they either spew out PEI potatos or Anne of Green Gables.  Or perhaps Cows ice cream?

PEI is a beautiful island bordered by water (obviously) and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  You can reach it by ferry either from Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, by plane into the very quaint PEI Airport, or by vehicular transport (either car or bus) over the Confederation Bridge.  The bridge is 13km long, takes about 12 minutes to drive across going at the usual speed limit of 80km/hr, and is tolled, so you pay leaving PEI (just under $45) but not when you enter PEI.  Obviously, the bridge takes longer to cross if it is windy and drivers are alerted to conditions going across the bridge by traffic lights and signs that are found on the bridge deck.

Apparently it is possible to drive around PEI in one day, although from personal experience I’d say that’s one day of just driving without stopping for much.  That would be unfortunate because there is tons to see on this relatively small island province…relative to the size of the rest of Canada.

There are many artisan stores and galleries scattered all across the island, as well as many great places to eat, some of which I’ll post about in the coming days.


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