Highlights of Manhattan

Manhattan is fun.  There’s something for everyone.  Shopping, food, live theatre and musicals, quiet streets, jam-packed streets, lights, history, architecture, style, brand names, knock-offs…guaranteed you’ll find your niche represented.  After hitting up many of the tourist sites on the island of Manhattan, these are the two places (one for sightseeing, one for eating) that stood out for me.

New York Public Library

Absolutely gorgeous building and it’s even more amazing inside!  They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year so there is a special exhibit on the main floor in commemoration.  There are also free commemorative novel-sized books.  Upstairs, there are photography exhibits down the hallways and several grand rooms lined with books and computers.  It’s free to go in and you can spend about an hour walking around inside and looking at the different exhibitions.

New York Public Library at noon
New York Public Library
New York Public Library Atrium

Totto Ramen – 366 W.52nd Street 

A stone’s throw away from Broadway and Times Square is an amazing ramen shop called Totto Ramen.  It’s cash only so make sure you bring about $20USD along.  They have fabulous appetizers and a few types of ramen.  The miso ramen has seasoned egg, char siu (BBQ pork), bean sprouts, scallion, and egg noodle-like ramen; I added some corn for $1USD extra.  The spicy ramen has char siu (BBQ pork), bean sprouts, scallion, seaweed, and a thinner straighter ramen, along with chili sauce; it’s got a nice kick to it if you like some spice in your food.  I’ve had ramen in Japan and Vancouver, and this stuff was awesome.

Totto Ramen storefront
Miso ramen

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