(Chilean) Spanish 101: Other common words

Part 1 of (Chilean) Spanish 101 covered food-related words and phrases that I learned.  This will cover other common words that would have been helpful to know before I set foot in Latin America.

  • entiendo: understand
  • no entiendo: don’t understand
  • habler: to speak
  • ingles: English
  • gracias: thank you
  • por favor: please
  • con: with
  • sin: without
  • permisso: excuse me (to get by)
  • lo siento: sorry
  • si: yes
  • non: no
  • donde? where?
  • ¿como: how?
  • ¿cuanto es: how much is it?
  • ¿a qué hora: at what time?
  • aqui: here
  • buenos dias/buenas tardes/buenos noches: good morning, good day, good evening

Transportación: transportation

  • estacion: station
  • passajeros: passengers
  • aeropuerto: airport
  • vehiculo: vehicle
  • pare/parada: stop
  • abierto: open
  • cerrado: closed
  • baño: bathroom
  • hombres/vascar/chico: men/male
  • damas/mujeres/chica: women/female
  • salida: exit
  • entrada: entrance
  • puerto: gate
  • puente: bridge
  • hostal: hotel/hostel
  • banco: bank
  • billeto/pasaje: ticket
  • correos: post office
  • fumar: smoking

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