(Chilean) Spanish 101: Food

Before travelling to Chile, my knowledge of Spanish was minimal.  Likely whatever I knew was whatever I picked up from watching American Sesame Street.  I took a Spanish-English pocketbook phrasebook but I found it awkward to use out on the street.  Here are some food-related terms and phrases that were most helpful to me:

  • pasteleria: pastry shop
  • panaderia: bakery
  • carta: menu

Bebidas: drinks/beverages

  • vaso: glass
  • cerveza: beer
  • schop: beer
  • jugo: juice
  • agua sin gas: uncarbonated (flat) water
  • agua con gas: carbonated (bubbly) water
  • leche: milk
  • cafe: coffee
  • té: tea
  • azucar: sugar

Entrada: entree

  • tostada: toast
  • mantequilla: butter
  • mermelada: marmelade
  • queso: cheese
  • jamon: ham
  • palta: avocado
  • hamburguesa: hamburger
  • sopa: soup
  • pan: bread
  • atun: tuna
  • pollo: chicken
  • carne: meat
  • pescado: seafood
  • completo: type of dish with lomo (thin cut of meat), sauerkraut, tomato

Postre: dessert

  • helados: ice cream
  • frambuesa: raspberry
  • fruitilla: strawberry
  • durazno: peach
  • manzana: apple
  • naranja: orange
  • pera: pear
  • piña: pineapple
  • chirimoya: chirimoya
  • damasco: apricot
  • más: more
  • menos: less
  • un poco: a little
  • caliente: spicy
  • la cuenta, por favor: the bill, please

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