Liquified Chocolate Connoisseurs in Montreal

How do you feel about liquified chocolate?  How about a warm cup of liquid chocolate on a day where it’s pouring outside, it’s windy, and you just want a bit of refuge from the liquid sunshine?  Happen to be wandering up and down St-Laurent in Montreal?

Chocolate, alcohol, liquified and warmed up

Then Juliette et chocolat sounds like just the place for you!  The storefront is inviting, servers are dressed in cute red hats and classic black and white outfits, the high ceilings and windows make the space feel super airy, and the menu is filled with variations off your traditional hot chocolate.  You have options to try different chocolates of different cocoa content (upwards of 80%+), which can be mixed with alcohol if that’ll help you warm up a bit faster!  There’s the classic style and the granny style, the latter being creamier and thicker and the former being more diluted with milk.  Prices range from just under $5CDN to $10CDN for their chocolatey drinks.  They also have crepes and some other foods that you can consume.  Rest and relax on their red armchairs by the window!

A great twist on your typical cafes that focus on coffee connoisseurs.  And definitely a great place to take your date!


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