Some quick eats in Montreal

Smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's

Smoked meat at Chez Schwartz’s Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen; 3895 Saint-Laurent Blvd

This place is well known in Montreal, Quebec and, as I learned from the articles gracing the wall in the cafe, all over the world.  There was a bit of a line-up when we showed up on a Saturday afternoon for lunch (around 1pm) but the line definitely got longer after we were ushered in to eat.  It wasn’t too much of a wait either and for the quality of smoked meat that we were served inside, it was well worth the wait.  The sandwich above was with their medium (fat) cut and was $5.90CDN.  We also ordered sides of cole slaw (delicious!) and fries (no salt, quite browned), which were both well under $3CDN.  Definitely would recommend visiting this place!

Curries at Allo Inde restaurant, downtown Montreal

Indian curries at Allo Inde Hello India Indian Restaurant; 1422 Rue Stanley

After a day of walking down the busy shopping street, Rue Sainte-Catherine O, in downtown Montreal, a random meander down Rue Stanley took us to Allo Inde, a little Indian restaurant.  We ordered 3 types of curries, including a mushroom curry (a new find for me), chicken korma, and a beef curry.  The naan was pretty decent ($2.99CDN per piece), the rice was regular (about $3CDN for a dish), but the roti (about $3CDN for a piece) was just a stiffer less buttery form of the naan.  The roti was a bit disappointing but being extremely hungry, everything was a quick devour.  I would revisit this restaurant if I were hungry for Indian food after a day of shopping.

Delicious beef bourgignonne poutine at Maamm Bolduc

Poutine at Maamm Bolduc; 4351-4355 de Lorimier

In need of DELICIOUS poutine?  Stop by Maamm Bolduc between Avenue Papineau and Rue Frontenac, Rue Rachel E and Avenue du Mont-Royal E.  I had beef bourgignonne, which is a ground beef, red wine, garlic, and mushrooms gravy, all on top of their regular poutine (fries and cheese curds).  I’ve had poutine previously at some local summer festivals or from food carts off the street but never really felt drawn to it.  After dining at Maamm Bolduc, I now understand why folks are drawn to this iconic Quebecois fare.  The decor in this place is also charming, cozy, artsy, fun, colourful…I loved it!  This is a definite recommendation to go and have poutine (or any of their other food).

Beef carpaccio/sashimi/tataki
Casablanca roll

Sushi at Mikasa Sushi Bar; 2049 Rue Peel

After some heavier fare, we were craving something a bit lighter and thought that we would try out Mikasa Sushi Bar, which is apparently one of several locations in Montreal.  The atmosphere is trendier than your typical Japanese restaurant, which is wood-based with traditional fabrics; it has blue lighting and an otherwise modern look.  No reservations required for a Saturday night.  We started with beef carpaccio (beef sashimi or tataki), seared red tuna, and pork gyoza.  The beef carpaccio was delicious, the tuna was done perfectly, and the gyoza was pretty normal.  We then had the casablanca roll, chosen because it had pineapple, and the sushi deluxe pizza.  Everything was pretty tasty, everything was cooked to the appropriate wellness, and the water was refilled when needed.  The only thing that detracts is that the servers clear the dishes as you’re eating the final bits off of them…not sure if they were short plates?  Decent place, not cheap.


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